Next Steps Class

Next Steps is a series of three classes that happen right after our weekend worship experience on the first three Sundays of the month.

Week 1 - stepONE
Week 2 - stepTWO
Week 3 - stepTHREE

We will:

  • Walk you through what 3D Church is about
  • Give you practical assessment tools to consider how God uniquely designed you
  • Help you discover specific ways you might live out your calling — not only within the church but in           family, school/work, and beyond.

We invite anyone and everyone to attend Next Steps, regardless of whether they have made any kind of commitment to being a part of 3D Church. Because our purpose will always be to help every person we can find their place in God’s plan.

DESIGN Session

Following our Next Steps class is an opportunity to meet with trained coaches to further explore your specific DESIGN. This time with them helps you to further discover your purpose, and figure out where you may best fit to make a difference in this world! Even if you’ve been a part of 3D for a while and you haven’t had a chance to do this yet, please sign up below .